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Our mission is to conduct the most comprehensive and thorough judging process, using IWSC’s rigorous and trusted judging methods, while collaborating with the world’s best beer palates.

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We are inclusive

The Beer Awards is inclusive; regardless of size, region or style, all packaged beers can enter the competition and be judged by our expert panels.

We are experienced

With 47 years’ experience in running alcohol based awards programmes, the ‘IWSC Group way of judging’ will be implemented for The Beer Awards to ensure the industry’s most comprehensive judging process, delivered by an award winning team.

We are experts

Our stellar judging panel includes some of the most trusted names in the beer industry including Simon Jackson, Mark Dredge and Annabel Smith.

We are relevant

The Beer Awards 2016 launched at the UK’s favourite Craft Beer event, Craft Beer Rising exposing the awards to the consumer from day 1 ensuring medals awarded in the summer will be familiar to beer fans from the very start.

We are transparent

The Beer Awards judging process was displayed during live ‘in-show’ judging at Craft Beer Rising on 26th February.

We are thorough

A random selection of entrants into The Beer Awards will be subjected to chemical and technical analysis where levels of alcohol, bitterness and colour will be tested in order to ensure consistency and reliability for the ultimate consumer.

We are credible

Our list of competition supporters includes the BBPA, Craft Beer Rising and Campden BRI.

We are passionate

All medal winners will receive a free marketing toolkit specially designed to help promote medal wins to both the trade and the consumer.