Process & Judging

The serious bit…

Using the world-renowned IWSC Group judging process, each product submitted into The Beer Awards will be subjected to a rigorous ‘double blind’ tasting followed by random technical analysis.

The judging process will employ the same rigour as all IWSC Group competitions with strict blind tasting by leading beer experts – beers will then be scored and awarded 3, 4 or 5 stars. The 5 star beers will then be re-tasted to determine the best of the best.

The competition is open to packaged beers (bottles and cans) from all around the world for all sizes of brewers; from nano to global and micro to regional.

Products submitted into The Beer Awards will be broken down into tasting categories by The Beer Awards award-winning operations team and lead judge, Simon Jackson @SJJBrew.

The ‘double blind’ judging process ensures that judges never see a bottle, they are served the beer in pre-poured numbered glasses which correlate to their tasting crib sheet. Once each judge has marked each beer in the flight, the chair judge then prompts discussion which helps eliminate any rogue scorers.

Finally, the beers will be subjected to a chemical and technical analysis where levels of alcohol, bitterness and colour will be tested in order to ensure consistency and reliability for the ultimate consumer. The technical analysis will take place at random at the UK’s leading brewing research centre, Campden BRI. At their state of the art facilities, beers will be analysed for taint and flavour defects to support the sensory panel results. This additional element of the judging process ensures beers entered are a true representation of what the label states and that no beers have been altered for competition entry.

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